Flexible Business Ideas for Your Demands

A great opportunity for a local Community-Town in Greece near the sea on the territory of 2.5 hectares with olive trees and only 800 meters away from the beach. The current project is aimed at building an aparthotel with 14 apartments in a well-developed and infrastructured area of Greece. Because of the size of the current construction, the project becomes very flexible and can be converted into other ideas. Besides that, Greece offers a golden visa to the business investors for a 5 year period with a further possibility of getting a citizenship.

€250 000

Part of the property excluding duties and taxes. The costs for the completion of the construction are included


• 2 apartments: 65㎡
• 8 apartments 69㎡
• 4 apartments: 77㎡
• 1 apartment - penthouse with a huge terrace: 107㎡
• 1 grocery store on the ground floor with area 32㎡
These high-class apartments will generate 500€ daily in a season time

Golden Visa

5 years of residency for the whole family. There is no minimum stay requirement, so you will be able to travel in other European countries


After 7 years of living in Greece. You can then sell the apartment if you decide to do so


Our assistance throughout the application process

Business Opportunities

You can run your own business. However, the golden visa does not give you a work permission.

Location and current condition

The construction has begun in 2007 and was freezed due to the lack of financial support till today. However, the most expensive investments have been already made. It is the investments in the construction base.

It is located in the southern part of Greece 800 meters away from the seaside. After the construction is complete, it will have a panorama view over the bay.

Location: Dilesi, Greece

Nearby cities: Chalkis (24.2 km) and the capital of Greece - Athens (57.5 km)

Distance from the airport: 78.3 km

Exact coordinates: 38.326318, 23.680957

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Project plan

The business idea evolved from the lack of VIP hotels with unique SPA technologies, rejuvenation programs and programs for slimming. Generally speaking, it will be a VIP hotel that is aimed at health care. There will be invited and attracted different types of the best specialists and professionals that are working at the field of rejuvenation and health. At the moment there are two such hotels that are in a high demand and very famous among the exclusive part of the European society. The price for the rooms varies from 150 to 300 Euro per day.

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Apartments Layout

Possible ways to redeem the property

One owner

One buyer can build a small town for a his/her local community in a perfect location in Greece. 60 kilometers away from the capital, Athens and the same distance from the airport. The started construction will allow to have 14 apartments each about 70㎡.

Many owners

Redeem a part of the territory for €250000 and get a residency in Greece. 30% will be returned for finishing the construction and the apartments. Eventually, you will get an apartment of 70㎡ and a 5 years of residency in Europe.

Greece after the crisis

Greece is slowly recovering from the crisis in 2008 which means that the prices for the land and real estate will be growing in the near future. This means that a great opportunity for the investments is now possible. Throughout the downtime Greece still remained a safe and stable destination for tourists.

For many of us, then, this could be the perfect time to start the process of buying property in Greece. Not only is the market picking up, but there are increasing amounts of investment entering the country. The government’s ‘residency for investment’ has attracted plenty of attention from China and Russia, who just need to purchase a property of €250,000 or more for a five-year residency visa. As foreign capital continues to boost the economy, we can expect the property market to look positive through 2018 and beyond.

The visa application process takes up to 6 months and will be possible only after the applicant buys a property in Greece. Our lawyer will also assist the applicants throughout the process.